How I am losing weight By EATING huge amount of food I like

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    Here is what I did

    I bought 2 servings of Spicy lamb curry and rice which I like

    I bought 1 big burrito with beans and pork which I like, 1.5 pounds soggy and good burrito

    I bought a burger double whopper with double cheese which I like

    ATE IT ALL IN ONE SITTING, felt as sick as crap, vomited, felt like dead man walking

    that was 2 weeks ago

    because of that thought of eating lot of food SICKENS ME

    Now I eat small portions and losing weight

    Smoke that guys :)
  2. Stefo


    If you are addicted to something


  3. Stefo


    if you like to drink too much

    get drunk to the point of COMA, if you live

    you'll never drink again
  4. What are you planning on doing about being bi curious Stefo?
  5. Stefo


    sorry but curiosity is not an addiction

    am I getting my A$$ pounded every day


    when it gets to that point, it will be a problem :p :p :p :D :D :D
  6. Interesting learning method... so do you hit your head against the wall when you take a loss?
  7. Stefo


    don't be stupid what will that accomplish
  8. so you will try to lose all you money, your house, your wife's money, your parent's money, your parents' house, and your parents' retirement fund,

    and you can hope you will not lose money again?
  9. Well, that sure beats ruining your fingernails by induced daily vomiting


  10. it is not hard to identify your constant aliases. Don't bother with your standard curses to my PM. I never read them and it only shows how hopeless you are.
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