How high will Sugar go????

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Tman77, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Tman77


    In the midst of a bull run, anyone have an idea where the next resistance level will be?
  2. mizer


    Just go long and hope someone is willing to buy it for more from you:cool:
  3. Tman77


    but seriously, what resistance levels exist at this level. It breaks Feb high at 19+, where do we go next?
  4. Its only $1120 a point per contract risk. Could be the biggest trade in a commodity traders career.
  5. sugar is needed for ethanol production. as long as ethanol is being hyped as the next oil who knows how high it can go.
  6. What is the symbol and month for sugar?

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  8. roncer


    I would like to find a good broker for sugar trading. I am currently with IB and TS and they don't seem to have sugar contracts.

    Suggestions appreciated.
  9. hcking


    I work with a small company that is based at CBOT who can trade the pits as well - they are all former floor traders who know the markts well

    Let me know if you want their info
  10. roncer


    hcking..............Sure Thanks.
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