How High Will It Go By Opex Friday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eagerbeaver, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Consider it a game, nothing more. Oil futures are tanking on the NYMEX as I write this -- a relief collapse in the wake of Dennis' evident failure to impact the oil infrastructure. This sets the stage for a nice gap-up tomorrow and then....?

    Fill in the blank...

    I say, marginally favprable reports from Apple and a few others adding kerosene to the conflagration, and a verical explosion that hurtles us well past the 1220-1225 congestion zone of the S&P 500 and towards 1250 by Friday.

    Ok, I showed you mine. Now it's your turn...
  2. Naz 2350 by tomorrow easy..

    all aboard the Cramer tech rally train!!

    choo choo
  3. ok ... so 1250 by friday ?

    more important to me would be end of 3rd Q and end of yr projections ...

    impossible you say ?

    good luck on your call ... hey did rubberbird cover his shorts ?

  4. Trajan


    Great another one of these threads. How about Dow 11,000?
  5. yes, Dow 11k Aug 16th to be exact as per someone 10% accurate on mIRC #daytraders room

    all aboard!!

    no fear is so bullish

    free money from the Fed is awesome$
  6. Where are oil futures right now?
  7. lar


    I am short the Dow via a couple of 101 U Puts. Makes a market.
  8. Trajan


    I have em at 58.90. I hope the market opens lower so I can cover a short from Friday without too much more pain. It seems like the futures at the open are a good contrarian indicator of where the market finishes the day.
  9. Phil Flynn of Alaron trading said that if there are no oil interruptions due to hurricane Dennis then he believes the price of crude can come down 7-10% this week.
  10. ...and that would be kerosene on the fire.
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