How high will index futures be Monday morning 1-14-07

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Aaron Copland, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. I say ES will be up 10.00 easy.
  2. Who the hell cares how high or how low the ES goes! I just hope for continued volatility which offers both sell patterns and buy patterns to make $$$

  3. I hope they're up
  4. Hope?
  5. Exactly! Who cares what direction the market goes, especially when talking about the ES. It shoudn't matter, up or down, just trade it!

  6. dealmaker


    Who cares. Traders need volatility and volume, other than that its all noise.
  7. Right... Hope?... but if we are playing that game... then...

    I HOPE the futures open up 15 points and i get to short the gap and fade the ES back to the close at 1407.75.

    Next the ES weakly retraces, on low volume, back up from the close on low volume to about a 50% retracement that i can also sell with SIZE and then the ES dives down to make a new low at 1384 where I, and a lot of others, can liquidate my cars at the lows into the flurry sell stops that are set off...

    Next i want an oOOPs trade where i am long at 1386 and the market rips back up to Friday's close and bangs into the Monday pivot point at 1410.50...

    Which i immediately Fade for a 50% retracement of the oOOPs trade up to the pivot point...

    then i buy back long at the 1-2-3 formation now created out of the 50% retracement minor correction and the initial move from 1384 up to 1410... and i hold for a rip roaring short covering Fed Rate Ben Loving Cut to a new 3 day high of 1440 and change...

    now THAT'S HOPE... dagnabit

    otherwise i will trade em as i see it... :D

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  8. ES NOW UP 9.00 6:45 CST. I knew they would jam it up after Fridays big loss.

    The media channels will be buzzing all morning " FUTURES UP BIG, BIG RALLY TODAY FOR WALLSTREET"
  9. Up or down doesn't matter, just look for the best entry and exits points to make money.