How healthy is Oanda finnacially?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Daal, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Daal


    I wonder if someone went through whatever numbers are avaliable to see if their claims of being alright are true
  2. Candara

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    Oanda net capital is above 35 mln usd now, but it waves beetween 10 and 40 mln.
  3. inggscap


    I wouldn't mind waving between 10 and 40 mill hahaha
  4. The have like 8 - 10 times the capital required. I think they're just fine. Any particular reason you're inquiring? Do you have a scary story to share?
  5. Daal


    did refco showed red flags with undercapitalization before its collapse?I wonder where can I get their numbers, they were publicy traded and people didnt foresaw that, Im being paranoid about this cuz I value my hard earned
  6. inggscap


    Refco LLC....

    Below is the last CFTC capital report that included Refco.

    Over $400 million... they "looked" healthy. Thus throwing out the "we have money, we better" syndrome that's currently been shouted about.

    Of course how much was Refco Refco and RefcoFX that is unknown. It doesn't have any other Refco listed. So as another trader mentioned on another forum. Size doesn't count, it's what we can't see.
  7. Daal


    30 million doesnt look like a lot of money anyway, now I'm worried
  8. inggscap


    I think it basically puts us back in the dark, where we were before we knew about the CFTC sheets for those who didn't know about them earlier. I'd just take this CFTC sheet and burn it as it proves now that it's really useless other than for the NFA requirements. Which I guess to be fair is what we are all talking about so in those regards don't burn it yet lol

    But as for if the firm is healthy and is operating well. That task is best left to you and your private investigator to do your own due dilligence on it's CEO's... hedge funds do it... why don't us retail guys ;)
  9. get sherlock holmes, you will find out with the rest of public if something goes wrong, if your skeptical move on, why bother..
  10. Seriously, Daal. You seem a bit too nervous to be trading. Why not pull out your money and put it into something you feel more secure? You're clearly not cut out for the risk that forex entails.
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