How health insurance plans to escape the pre-existing conditions for members...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. One of the scams of the health insurance hikes in California is offering reduced plans, that require underwriting.

    People are not going to be able to afford their existing plan when the rate increase (39%) takes place. No, the politicians won't stop this rate hike.

    So what happens if they offer greatly reduced rates for plans, that exclude certain coverage...and require underwriting.

    Why is this a big deal, to require underwriting for existing policy holders?

    It means that a new plan, though decreased in coverage and benefits...will have a chance to exclude any pre-existing conditions.

    So if someone has a pre-existing condition, the new plan will not cover it...and the insurance companies will be lowering their risk.

    Say someone has cancer. They can't afford their health insurance at increased rates. Anthem offers them another plan, and says "it is cheaper, and you will get coverage for other terminal diseases. Yes, we know you will die of cancer sooner, and will have no insurance, but heck, at least we will make more money because you likely won't die of some other disease. No matter what happens, we will blame it on the cancer being the cause of all the other problems."