How has ES been treating you lately?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Thunderdog, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. For those of you who trade ES on an intraday basis, I'm curious to know if this market has gotten more "challenging" lately. My setups have been somewhat more murky in the last while, and I'm wondering if it has been the same for others as well. Any comments you may have would be much appreciated.


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    Actually, the setups have been better. Consistent follow-through and targets reached. Today is a perfect example. I guess it depends on your setups.
  3. It's been much easier to trade since the beginning of May. Lots of continuation from the morning trading. Jump on the trend early or wait for a double top/bottom pullback. Either way, it's been very, very, good to me. Not much pain...plenty of gain.
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    Swing trading the Dow (indices), similar to ES.

    Agreed. Lately swing & intraday have good trending & followthru. So good that I've been tempted to daytrade also. Many excellent intraday days (long & short). Many 1-4 day swing followthrus - unlike earlier this year with lots of war related news bouncing the market around like a football.

    May want to examine your entry/stop methods cus markets are truly trend friendly lately.

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    ES is always tricky, since it factors in two indices and they aren't going to both be going the same direction.

    Wouldn't say that it's any less fake out prone lately than it normally is.

  7. completelly agree, same with me. I am up 13 points today.
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    es sucks for me. lately, im not hitting em like i was.
  9. ES used to have much wider ranges as late as march. But now it is has a very timid and unpredictable performance. So I am not making as many points as I used to. The same could be said about other contracts. I can't wait for volatility to increase again.
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