how has chitown become so corrupt?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Steelhead, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. all i hear is nightmares from the kids back home
  2. vega


    Is there anything you can elaborate on ? I mean, I'm born and raised in Chicago, so to say it's corrupt is casting a pretty wide net. You talkng in response to the way they tried to stop EUREX, or about crooked politicians, the mafia having a piece of the riverboats ? Hard to believe a place that had Al Capone call it home could be corrupt:p

  3. He's talking about all the useless meetings in Chicago. LOL.
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  5. I'm shocked. Luckily the other big cities in the US are free from the stain of corruption.
  6. yeah, it is out of hand but since they refuse to cut spending for the most part, they have figured out a bunch of "stealth taxes". BTW, is there a more efficient operation in this country than the meter maid and her electronic ticket dispenser?
  7. chicago's always been corrupted (of course, so is everywhere else, particularly miami-dade)

    he's wayyyyyyy out there.