How hard would it be to get this leverage?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by dunitlongpole, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. How hard would it be to get 400:1 leverage on a $1,000,000 trade?

    I know it is incredibly stupid to use that much leverage, so please, no lectures. I just told a friend it could be done, and he doesn't believe me...

  2. you wake up yet buddy?
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    It could, can and has been done.
  4. Cybren


    Do you mean 1:400 on a deposit of 1 mio, or just 1:400 on a 1 mio trade (so for example 10 lots USD/JPY).

    Both is possible, but last is easy.
  5. asap


    just google it "FX 400:1"

    lots of entertainment there.


  6. sim03


    Care to elaborate? As in dealer name.

    I say, no chance in hell, in a single transaction. Only some forex market makers offer 400:1... and a couple lovely Swiss gems 500:1. No MM I know of allows trade size more than 10, 20 Mio, tops.

    Some ECNs offer liquidity in some pairs a lot more than that... but good luck getting anything above 100:1, at best.
  7. forex162


    I'm assuming he means 400:1 on margin of 1 mil, which would make for a 400 mil position.

    Not happening. I'm sure you can get 400:1 on margin of 500 dollars, but 400:1 on 1 mil is unheard of.
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    no retail market maker would be able to give you 400:1 on one trade of a million, which would mean opening a 400 million position,,, the most I have heard of at a broker, even through a phone is 60 million, and that's at 100:1,,, not sure about ECN's though.
  10. would 400:1 on $50,000 be more realistic?
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