How hard is to find the Barron's weekly?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by aradiel, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. aradiel


    Hi, I am a brazilian fellow having a hard time finding a place selling Barron's journal. I am starting to collect various journals from all over the world and I would like to get any edition of Barron's. My sister is in Orlando enjoying her honeymoon and I asked her to bring an exemplar for me but she is not having any luck so far, she said that people doesn't even know this journal exists. Is it really like that in the US? Is there a way for me here in Brazil to buy a copy of the journal without having to apply for a subscription (or at least some tips for my sister on how to find it). I mean, I would like to experiment the product at least once before buying the whole package.
  2. rcj


    A Barns and Noble store might have current copies.

    Or ... put an add in the classifieds here on ET
  3. aradiel


    Good idea, thanks.
  4. She should be able to find it in the newspaper/magazine section of any Borders or Barnes and Noble. My local convenience store even carries it.
  5. Surdo


    Papoo usually has it at the corner news kiosk.
    He must have a cousin in Orlando.
    I will ask him tommorow.

    Imagine that!

    An online edition.

  6. aradiel


    Thanks surdo! I'm still looking for the paper edition, but online version sure is helpful too.
  7. She'd have best luck looking in an affluent or corporate area. All the gas stations even have it here.
  8. In most stores, the week's issue of Barron's
    - delivered on Saturdays but dated the following Monday
    - are usually gone/sold out by today (Thursday).

    But, maybe not this pre-holiday week since some of the typical non-subscription buyers,
    as mentioned above, will be out of town.

    As for yourself, as also mentioned above,
    consider the online edition - no print versions
    to pile up... ... and they will!
    Plus, you can read archived articles.
  9. billdick


    I live in Sao Paulo. I may have a copy several years old filed away, if I did not discard last year. Do you want me to look?
  10. aradiel


    That would be good. Check your PM box.
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