How hard is this friggn 55?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Pumpanddump, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. If you fail it do you have to wait 30 days, I have heard some people say you don't have to wait 30 days like the 7?
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    I don't know about the waiting period, but the test is not that bad. Just invest in a study guide and read it through completely, then take a few practice tests and you will do fine. At least the 55 is related to trading...the 7 and 63 were so boring it was hard to get motivated enough to study.
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    yes you have to wait 30 days if you fail the 55

    And it is not easy. Those bastards at the NASD updated the test and made it harder. You have to know your shit and you have to have a book that is up to date. Good luck with finding that book
  4. The 55 is not that hard, even though there are questions that no study guide prepares you for (but since you can't study for these, you don't worry about them). Still, passing is not hard (you simply accept that you will be surprised by some Qs on the test).
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    When did you take it?

    All who have taken it since July 2002 will say otherwise (including me).

    The 55 is hard enough where you should not take it even remotely as an easy test. I know it used to be a whatever test (like the 63), but not anymore
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    I took it a few months ago. Passed, but toward the end you had better belive I was thinking, "Damn I should have studied harder".

    Couple of questions no answers seemed right, couple of others, a,b,c, and d all seemed right.

    If anyone wants 55 books I put mine on here in the classified section a few days ago for 55 bucks.

    Going on ebay this weekend if nobody here wants them.
  7. It was never like the 63. Even when I took it, most people failed. But considering that I was forced to guess on many questions because they were not covered in my study materials, and considering that I did not have the best study materials, if I could pass there was no reason why most anyone else who really studied could not.
  8. which study materials?, which publisher?

    you can pay for the online prep/tests also, but it seems overkill....
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    I just passed it last week and I was taking it lightly until a few smart people told me that I better prepare. I read the materials once and got a 55 on my first online practice test. But after taking a lot of practice tests over the weekend before the exam, I was able to pass but I had to guess on a bunch. I thought the online exams (deerborn) were pretty good since I really had no patience to actually study and learn the material the normal way.

    excuse the run on sentences please
  10. Personally I have found pass perfect to have practice tests most resembling the real exam....have taken the 7,24,55,63,65 all with pass perfect...GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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