How hard is it with the best equipment?

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  1. Lets just say you have a direct optical connection to the exchange, you have the fastest computer money can buy, your brokerage per contract is measured in the cents and your trading software is custom made and purpose built for speed...

    Does it take ANY skill to make money with all this?
    How long would it take to train some kid off the street to become a profitable trader ?
  2. If your sw is any good you only need a kid to make coffee and collect your dry cleaning. A pretty girl always brightens things up too.
  3. Let's say you had word processing software that automatically and seamlessly corrected all of your spelling and even grammatical errors, and had a built-in thesaurus...

    Does it take ANY skill to write a bestseller with all this?
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    Add, if you had a team of good programmers....

    It takes a great deal of skill still. The question is sort of silly. There are countless numbers of firms in Chicago and NY that do this every day. What makes you think this is such an extraordinary feat?
  5. Well said.
  6. Ok well who do you consider is more skillful?

    A) The consistently profitable retail trader who never had access to all these things while learning.

    B) The consistently profitable prop trader who did have access to all these things while learning.

    (assume profitability and time to proficiency is the same for both traders).

    If you ran a prop firm, which one would you prefer to hire?
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    1. yes
    2. about 1 day (whether he would listen though is another question)

    your question re equipment is more to do with sub-multi second timeframe trades, not skill.

    there are still plenty out there making money from a newspaper and a telephone.
  8. You should write comedy. I mean you should be serious and let a comedian record you.
  9. Im sorry you find my ignorance in this area something to be laughed at, I didnt realize some people were born with this knowledge already in their brains.
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