How good would you consider a trader is if they breakeven

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lasner, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. lasner


    Assuming most traders lose. How would you rate a trader that doesn't lose and doesn't win but consistently breaks even, say over the course of two years. Just wondering your thoughts
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    for 2 years as a new guy in these markets,way better than average
  3. yeah really, Now all he needs to do is reduce costs. Maybe lease a seat or at least negotiate commissions. Or maybe just see if he can do the same trading less.
  4. Generally, I would say that he is way beyond average, but in truth, the question is too general as it does not provide any statistics about his trading results or trading methodology :)

  5. Some guys just trade micro lots in FX, like $1 dollar a pip.. they claim to be near break even.. but are they really learning much about trading by taking so little risk.
  6. I think it is less about good or bad but whether it is a good or bad start. If, in recent months, -- say the last six months -- the pieces are truly beginning to fit together, he is sharpening his plan to reduce leaks, watching his diet and exercise etc. he may be positioned to make it.

    If, on the other hand, he is stalled with no plan to kick start his progress he is probably pissing in the wind. There seems to be a point where the intangibles make the numbers and not the other way around. I also think a couple of years is a common inflection point.
  7. You meant those who do not trade? LOL.

    Seriously, at lest he/she can practice with real money without becoming a pauper.
  8. well swan, if you're even after 2 yrs, you're at least beating the spread plus commissions. So that means your trading strategy or your money management system is solid. A solid foundation to build on. It may indicate you are protected from bad luck and only need some good luck to come your way. Or more likely, you're protected from bad luck but not allowing good luck to come your way.
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    That's how I've been trading the last year very conservatively. I risk 1% of my capital on each trade. I currently trade on 100k.

    I've found it's very hard to make a loss but also very hard to make a gain. I saw an interesting article on George Soros and he explained in a nutshell how he would trade.

    Short term speculative trades across all markets. Very little risk in the beginning. He would build a little nest egg and then open up to more risk once he built a little nest egg. He would never risk the original capital. Once he started making good profits he would really start opening up.

    If he hit 30-40% returns he would turn it on and try for a 100% return. I have to give him credit it's so hard to do. He was a master
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    I’d say he/ she is managing losers well… but when a trade is profitable – needs to put more wood to work – or the same longer - or both....


    Planning a trade prior to placing it, will make this possible...

    And creating a solid plan need not take longer than a few seconds – paralysis by analysis ain’t good

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