How good is the Windows XP built-in firewall?

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Thunderdog, May 16, 2005.

  1. A quick question for the technical aficionados.

    Presently, I do not have Windows XP. I am running an older version of Windows and have a router which serves as a hardware firewall. As I had mentioned in a thread I started some time ago, I cannot use firewall software such as that provided by Norton or McAfee because it delays my J-Trader software.

    My question: does the built-in firewall in Windows XP provide sufficient firewall protection such that a router is not required? And does XP's firewall software interfere at all with your trading platforms, such as J-Trader?

    Your input would be appreciated.
  2. gnome


    I can't attest that the Windows XP firewall is "good enough", though Microsoft says it is.

    I use it with my J-Trader + another platform, and it causes no delay in either.

    If you haven't already, you might want to try Sygate Personal Firewall. I used it with my Win2000 rig.
  3. Thank you for responding, gnome. Does that mean that you use no other form of firewall protection, such as a router? If so, has your use of the internet been without incident?
  4. Why not use ZoneAlarm? It is free, and you should not have any problems with your software.
  5. Because I have used two different third-party firewall software "solutions" (Norton and McAfee), I am disinclined to try another if I can avoid it. That is why I was interested to know how good a job XP's built-in software does. If it is entirely sufficient, then I would need nothing else. Perhaps not even a router.
  6. gnome


    That's how I'm playing it until I see otherwise. So far, so good. (I've got extra backups in any case. Should I catch a little IVD, I can probably recover quickly without significant impact.)
  7. i turned it off since i install sp2.

    i've used:
    symantec internet security
    zone alarm
    sygate personal firewall

    sygate personal firewall is the best out of them all. it is free. the pro version has more features.
  8. gnome


    Correct. No router, no incident. BTW, I mentioned Sygate as it's the only one I never had a problem with. I used Norton for years, then started having trouble in '04. Went to ZA, which was OK at first, then troubles.
  9. colion


    I've heard that Windows XP's is inferior to other programs. Have used the free versions of ZoneAlarm and Sygate. Had to give up on ZoneAlarm because of interaction with some of my programs, resulting in freezing. Discussion on the net indicated it was due to one of their drivers. Maybe they have corrected the problem but am very satisfied with Sygate and like the control and info provided by the new version.
  10. nkhoi


    finally I take a plunge and install SP2 (built in fire wall) this morning, the first thing it does is it cut off USB port thus no more external devices, external thumb drive, I went to MS knowledge base and it say this is know problem so I try to uninstall it only 1 problem the roll back image is on external drive so beware.
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