How good is Entourage

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  1. The only thing on cable I can stand watching.. well apart from sports and tits
  2. This is one of only 3 shows I watch as well. I wish it were a little longer though. It doesn't have to be an hour, but I think they could do at least a 45 minute show. It just seems too short.
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    I think 28 minutes is fine. It might get a little monotonous otherwise. The episodes are really the same- E and Vince fighting with Ari/ Billy.. Everyone laughing at Drama- Turtle trying to act cool.. it's all the same in different contexts so 45 minutes might be much..
  4. You're right about the plot synopsis lately, and that does fit into the time frame. However, something that has been lacking a little lately seems to be them going out as a group and doing different things around L.A. They did in the episode with the mayor of Beverly Hills, but other than that, the episodes have been just about what you describe. I think they could add a little more. It feels like they are veering away from what made the show really great in the previous seasons. They can keep the story line, and still keep the vibe they had from the beginning.
  5. Lots of teens are hooked on this show. They all wanna be vince, someone rich and gets all the pussy and be able to treat their free loading friends. I think this show is horrible for kids. Who cares though.
  6. Kids are very impressionable.. Wanting to be Vince cause he's rich isn't a bad thing but the other details are!! It's not a bad show.. Just getting very repetitive. Last 2-3 seasons have been horrible. The first few were good.. But if anyone knows what Mark Wahlberg's life was like, then they will know exactly what's going to happen.. If you want I could tell you!
  7. You may be right, but we're not children. I'm only looking at this from my perspective.
  8. Although I am curious, I would rather not know. I like the element of surprise. Thanks for the offer though.
  9. I enjoy the show and feel the length is just right. Jeremy Priven makes the show what it is. Him, Kevin Dillon, and the guy who plays Floyd are the only good actors on there.

    HBO better do something to fill the void now that the Sopranos and Rome are gone and Deadwood will soon follow suit.

    I've watched a couple of episodes of John from Cincinatti and feel that it has potential.

    Waiting for Season 2 of Dexter to start on Showtime.
  10. I couldn't disagree more Hap.

    I watched the first of the worst hours of T.V. I've seen in my life.

    Total nonsense...characters are annoying...plot was non existent.
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