how good IB fills?

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  1. Hi guys,

    How wld you rate IB in terms of execution speed & quality of fills on whichever mkts / instruments it is you trade? as objectively as you possibly can please! Thanks in advance
  2. Hang Seng futures. Great - slippage both positive and negative at times but really only reflecting the nature of the market. Get filled at places I couldn't get to if I had to hit the limit or market order on spotting the move.

    Euro Futures. Great.

    I use stop-limit and stop orders on IB's servers (plus some limits but the fill on them is irrelevant).
  3. I got filled a point under my limit buy in ym yesterday
    which was nice
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    trade spot fx and futures. Only trade when market is volatile. Spot FX fills are so-so in fast markets as banks can choose to not honour the quotes. Futures aren't too bad but I've nothing to compare them to
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    We find in our office that IB smart on nasdaq stocks good..usually one fill on a position of a thousand shares.
    find nyse stock fills slow and usually done in part fills even with a thousand share position with stocks that have volume.
    options nasdaq stocks okay but nyse options slow sometimes minutes to execute order at current offered price
    have noticed lately that we have received part fills and flow through's on stocks entry or exits on both nasdaq and nyse

    overall, IB executions are standard in the business, I also noticed their 100percent improvement in handling problems when you call, this to me is just as important as execution.

  6. yeah, but on globex execution is lightnin' fast, and on news releases or soon after.
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    I have yet to see another broker able to keep up with IB in terms of Nasdaq stocks.
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    the liquidity is poor though for many of the instrments around news
  9. Is this what Genesis is unique for in comparison?
  10. I trade nas equities on average about 40-60 trades a day. I'm currently building an automated version so I don't have to watch it so closely. I would say my market orders hit the best bid/ask about 90% of the time with the average time around 300ms. Once in a while I'll see a delay of a second or so along with a few cents of slippage... most of the time caused by a large order or fast moving markets.
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