How Goldman Sachs May Have Manipulated the Markets Today

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  1. I have a theory that Goldman Sachs manipulated the markets on April 27, 2010. My theory is based on observing the ES S&P Mini Futures and the court hearing against Goldman Sachs. As a disclaimer, this is just a theory and not based on concrete evidence nor facts.

    First, Goldman Sachs employs the brightest and most intelligent people of the world. Most of their employees come from Ivy Leagues and include a vast network of contacts, including both politicians and corporate professionals.

    Second, Goldman Sachs had weeks in advance notice that the court hearing for SEC’s claim of fraud would be today. In addition, Goldman Sachs handed all their emails to the SEC for review. Thus, being the smart people they are, I’m sure they reviewed all the evidence that could be brought up against them and practiced their case just like how any defendant would before his/her case.

    However, during the hearing, the ES S&P Mini Futures began tanking as soon as [GS Person X] began fumbling and could not answer the questions [Politician X] had asked. [Politician X] had cited emails that [GS Person X] could not recollect. [GS Person X] may have been avoiding the question strategically. However, it does not make sense for [GS Person X] to fumble in the manner he had. His act appeared scripted in a way to convince viewers that Goldman Sachs was losing the case. This fumble caused the market to tank ...
  2. & I thought that they might have had a hand in the timing of the downgrades of Portugal and Greece in order to distract from their testimony today...
  3. theories are like assholes: everybody has one.
  4. I doubt there is any GS conspiracy involved. Gold is skyrocketing while stocks crash. The "markets" may finally be seeing the trickle down ponzi start to unravel with Europe leading the way. Or it could be a brief blip. GS has nothing to do with it I believe.
  5. lol, let me make a bet: You shorted GS and got creamed. Thats all I have to say to your nonsense. God does this stupidity about GS never end here on ET? Is this sponsored?

    P.S. The market started tanking at the precise time Portugal was downgraded, you smart ass.

  6. and it would have worked if it weren't for you meddling fools!
  7. looks like it worked. we just filled the entire gap. now gs has enough money to pay the sec fine. they used the hearing to their adv. only gs is this smart
  8. sorry, i did not short gs. i only trade the e-minis. as for the precise time on the portugal downgrade, probably coincidence. in any case, the portugal is no longer news as we just filled the gap even w/ the spain downgrade, you smart ass.
  9. Lloyd Blankein, the most interesting Man in the world.
  10. Portugal is no news anymore, and Spain isnt as well? Well then you have a lot to learn. Well, let time and the markets be your teacher. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. You WILL see....

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