How glorious is it?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Wilt, Aug 27, 2009.

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    How glorious is it for those of you who are at your trading station all day trading AIG? It must be like thanksgiving trading a stock with such an unparallelled amount of money being pumped into it, a real share price, disgusting volume, price action, and support. So come on Red Ink, other good traders, you've got to be making obscene amounts, do share your AIG stories.

  2. either that or lose obscene amounts
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    Of course, if you're counter trend, but you would be a fool to other side of 7 billion dollars being pumped in. I don't think the good traders would try to fight that.
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    Its only glorious for the people who did a successful probe and induced a short squeeze near the close yesterday on low volume. They'll be buying vacation homes and new yachts as they made untold millions.
  5. Alright since you mentioned me by name..... Bought 5k yesterday after hours. Dumped it this morning with a 15k gain. Oh yeah, to the dipshit who was selling $38.5 in after hours for well over an hour, you're an idiot.

    Bought 13k on the dump off the opening candle flipped it for a quick 11k. Tried a short (pussy share lot of 4k) at about 8:10 am after it went parabolic. Luckily made 5k there. That ensuing red candle was very lucky as it clearly had a lot more upside.... Then proceded to take a few larger short positions between $48.5-49 That didn't do a thing but frustrate me and remove some cash from my blotter.

    Didn't go near it again the rest of the day as it's a psychotic turd. There's a lot more easy trades given my personal style in the doubling dollar donkey turds. That said AIG was my best stock of the day.
  6. Red_Ink, that's an awesome gain! Are you at a prop firm? I was looking into some shops that give you nice leverage. Would be a nice addition to futures trading.
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    Dont be surprised when AIG drops 20% in a single day....

    Its a worthless company....

    back to the single digits is where it should go.
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    Hahaha, glad to hear it Red Ink. Brings back memories of JDSU back in the day? :D Thanks for replying. I wish I could have been there for it. My last was several big days ago. I pulled 15% real (not including margin) out of two trades on AIG which was pretty much all I could get since I came into the market at 1200. I really nailed what was possible. Wish I could have been here today. From 41ish it was smooth sailing!

  9. So you're saying the new CEO, who just took over the job and then promptly left on a month long vacation to Croatia was not being truthful when he said AIG would pay back the government the $180,000,000,000 it owes the US taxpayer? Not to mention doing 'something' for shareholders as well?
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    Are you referring to the coastal villa with the 12 bathrooms?

    :p :p :p :p :p
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