How funny would this be

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  1. Imagine if Obama actually gets his single-payer healthcare plan through and then Sarah Palin or Jeb Bush wins the Presidency. In that case you would have Palin or a Bush running healthcare for the entire country.

    It would be sooooooooooo funny to see Sarah Palin running the healthcare plans of Landis82, Optional777, IShopatPubix, Vhehn, and countless other libs.
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    You really have quite a "fantasy" life, don't you?
    How have they been treating you in Bellevue lately?
  3. are you on mind altering drugs? if you are sure that the republicans are going to take power again what are you worried about?
  4. Of course he's on mind-altering drugs . . .
    He's stuck in Bellevue Hospital for Christ's sake! :p
  5. maybe hes worried because if the government takes over health care and palin becomes president all she will offer is a preacher to pray for him to get well. just think of the money we could save on all of those silly medical cures.
  6. Lets see. In the last 28 years we have Republicans as Prez for 20 of those years and dems for 8. You do the math.
  7. oh i agree the repubs will eventually win again someday. just not anytime soon.
  8. And who has a 5 point lead on the Generic Congressional Ballot?
  9. i will bet you $1000 cash right now that the republicans do not take over any branch of government in the next 2 elections.
  10. Define elections. Define branch. Define government.
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