How full of sh*t is Cramer?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackchip, Dec 11, 2007.

How full of sh*t is Cramer?

  1. Not so much...

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  2. Mostly.

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  3. He's made of it.

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  4. It's flowing out all his orifices into the studio.

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  1. U pick one.
  2. where's the 'totally awesome' choice ? :D :D :D
  3. J-Law


    I once heard that Cramer is legitimately Bipolar.

    If so he just had an traumatic episode. Shit happens.

    Guy rates in my book. It took sometime for me to say that. But, guy knows his shit & has made a good deal of $$$.

  4. If he's bipolar, CNBC must be withholding his meds prior to Fed announcements.

    Better TV thru chemicals.
  5. J-Law


    Or lack of chemicals
  6. 1) He made his money before Reg-FD front running upgrades and downgrades.

    2) He is the worst stock picker in the world (Besides ET's own Stock777).

    3) His 15 minutes will be up shortly. His picks (NSTK, CELG, NYX, C, etc., etc., etc., are killing his followers). People are on to his bullshit.