how fox and glen beck help scam gullible conservatives

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  1. here is how it works. glen beck whips up the fears of his gullible right wing listeners by preaching doom and gloom and then a commercial comes on with a solution. buy gold at an inflated price
    its almost like religion. preachers tell you that you are doomed and then offer a solution. for a price.

    Glenn Beck-Approved Goldline Charged With 19 Criminal Counts Of Fraud And Theft
    The complaint alleges that Goldline “runs a bait and switch operation in which customers, seeking to invest in gold bullion, are switched to highly overpriced coins by using false and misleading claims,” according to a statement released by the consumer affairs division of the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office.

    The company has been charged in the court filing with misdemeanors that include theft by false pretenses, false advertising, and conspiracy, the City Attorney’s office said.

    While former Fox News conspiracy-theorist Glenn Beck is most closely associated with Goldline, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin, former GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson, and several Fox News hosts, among others, have all endorsed the company.

    Indeed, conservative talk radio is central to the company’s success, as Goldline employs a business model based not on mere advertising, but full integration with the content of conservative talk show hosts’ messages. The company’s website prominently features these endorsers, suggesting the talkers’ backing gives Goldline “credibility.” The company has said it will vigorously contest the charges.

    Goldline's Clever Scam -Mother Jones' Stephanie Mencimer investigates. "Twenty-franc Swiss coins are a little smaller than a nickel and contain a little less than two-tenths of an ounce of gold," she writes. "Goldline sets a 30 to 35 percent "spread" on the coins, meaning that it will pay $375 to buy back coins it's currently selling for $500. At that rate, gold prices would have to jump by a third just for customers to recoup their investment, never mind making a profit. Investing in Goldline's 20 francs would be like buying a blue chip stock that lost a third of its value the minute it's purchased. It's difficult to think of any other investment that loses so much value almost instantly." Mencimer says Goldline uses aggressive and exploitative sales techniques to push the lucrative sells.
  3. Caveat Emptor:)

    If people actually took Beck or Hannity or Rush seriously, then they deserved to be fleeced. That is what sheep are for:D
  4. I'm a conservative and I never bought into this gold BS. People who are speculating in gold are probably the idiot left.
    Swiss coins aren't made by Goldline. They're made by the Swiss, right?

    With regard to what happens at the retail level, retailers are suppose to sell their products above cost, such that it makes a profit. That is something Marxists like Free Thinker, AK47, and RCG Girl's dumb boyfriend reject. [​IMG]
  5. There is a reason gold sellers target conservative media outlets.......they are by and large the biggest buyers of the stuff. You don't see a lot ads for it in the middle to left media.
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    I don't own any gold nor would I buy it from one of those companies advertising on TV. I also don't watch Beck or any other political commentators with any regularity.

    But just so I'm clear, are we talking about the same gold that is up 300 + % in the last decade?
  7. Most hilarious about his argument, would be......who on the left would pay money for ANYTHING Beck, Hannity, Rush, Savage, or Cunningham would endorse?

    These personalities are paid actors, and the people who employ them know well who their audience is, and what will move them to open their wallets. Marketing is a science.
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    Virtually no one of course. Their welfare checks aren't big enough.
  9. So are many stocks , commodities and other investments but only scam artists sell those to you at a 33 % loss the minute you buy them
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