How Forex Trading Can Make you Rich?

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  1. The online Forex Market has made many people thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars, richer. It is becoming increasingly popular with the people who understand it and know how to work the system. People are spending less time doing tedious work and earning more money legitimately with online Forex Trading.

    What do you say friends? put your comment please.

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  3. I say B.S., owners at big FX dealers have made lots of money for sure. My guess is outside of those only a few traders have made a fortune in FX.
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  4. This is right but you have to keep this thing in mind that this volatility and liquidity can blow your account if you are in opposite direction of market. So always go with your SL and on right way to trade. We just need knowledge and information about this business to win the market

    Profitable is right but risky is another side of forex.

  5. You are right. A good strategy like stop loss in forex trading is able to generate a consistent profit. So we need an adjustment to market conditions at any time. Well, when the market is trending, then we use the medium or long term orders.

    But it could also short-term trading with scalping. We can also use the help of scripts or robots. Although I prefer the manual trades instead of using a robot. Generally, we require long experience to be able to get a good strategy and in accordance with our conditions.
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    Unless you know how or else it is BS
  7. Have to agree. FX is the biggest trading scam to hit the financial markets. Especially MT4 brokers.
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    It is a difficult task, you should not think that you can just come in and earn money you have to be patient and spend some time in the market in order to start earning.
  9. Does 10yrs trading FX qualify? And i still believe FX is a scam and it will be until the laws are changed. Below is worth reading. I must follow up on this to see if an progress yet.
  10. Not going to change a think for us, its a wholesale code of conduct, not retail. Retail FX is governed by jurisdiction of your own country
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