How fast is your internet connection speed ?

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  1. Good day good guys,

    I just upgraded from 100Mbps to 600Mbps download speed. I'm wondering what is typically considered fast for active traders ? Thanks
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  2. Pekelo


    Well, consider this. People traded actively 20 years ago when 5 Mbps was blazing fast. Also your ping to the broker is probably more important then average speed.
  3. MarkBrown


    mbps is not speed that is load - ping time is speed - less ping time is better, below 5ms is excellent above 30ms is not as good over 100ms is crap.
  4. DevBru


    You don't need 600Mbps to trade, you don't even need 100Mbps. It's making 0 difference regarding trading.
  5. wrbtrader


    600Mbps is good enough.

    The reason why is that even though your provider promise to give you 600Mbps...most likely you will only get "some of that" depending upon other variables (e.g. location, others you're sharing with, transfer technology of your computer etc).

    The issue is why did you upgrade from 100Mbps to 600Mbps ?
    • Did you notice with your 100Mbps that you were only getting 70Mbps during the trading day but 80Mbps at night when you were not trading ?
    • Did you need more Mbps because you're mainly trading WiFi instead notice you couldn't even get 1/2 what you're paying for ?
    Rule of thumb...whatever your broker trade execution platform requires as the minimum Mbps'll most likely need much more. :D

  6. DaveV


    Depends on how you are trading. If you enter orders manually, you could easily get by with 10 MBPS. My cable internet connection averages 160 MBPS. Last week it went out and I switched to using my phone as a hot spot for an hour. The phone speed was only 12 MBPS, yet my system worked fine, even though I run NxCore which downloads, in real-time, every bid/ask tick and trade from both the NYSE and NASDAQ.
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  7. rb7


    600 Mbps???

    And you do click-trading I guess?
    Like others said, bandwidth is not the speed.

    My trading is fully automated, trading the ES, receiving real-time tick data, and I have a 25 Mbps link. I have no delay and plenty of room for more.
  8. comagnum


    What's much more important to me is how reliable the Internet connection is.

    Using a multi WAN/load balancing router with auto-fail over, if my primary & secondary ISP are both down I will not even notice.
  9. I had moments where I was 10 to 12,000 km away from NYSE (About 12 hrs flight time to Central Asia) and had to use 1-2 mbps connection, and this guy saying he upgraded from 100 mb to 600 mb
  10. Overnight


    Assuming no other data being transferred at the same time, I'd bet you a million bux that a 56K dial-up connection order with 1ms latency will get to an exchange faster than a 1GB broadband connection order with 100ms latency.
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