How fast does $1.1 trillion disappear in a year?

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    Where Is The Money?

    A New Interactive Web Site Hits You in the Face Over the Enron-Style Looting of the US Treasury and What It Means to You Personally

    A Political Reality Check for California's Political Circus

    By Michael C. Ruppert

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    August 8, 2003, 1200 PDT, (FTW) -- Wholesale Enron-style looting of US taxpayer money on a scale that threatens the stability and safety of every American has prompted an historic alliance between activism, technology, and financial expertise. A new interactive web site, now makes real, on a local level selected by each user, the enormous amounts of money that have been stolen from the US Treasury. It also makes clear that most of our current problems---from energy shortages, to federal, state and local budget deficits, to needed infrastructure changes---could be addressed if the US government and private corporations like Lockheed-Martin and CFC-DynCorp were held accountable for their mishandling of taxpayer money.

    The web site is a collaborative project between three disciplines as represented by its creators:

    Former Assistant Housing Secretary and past Managing Director of Dillon Read Catherine Austin Fitts, (;
    Henri Poole, President of Affero, Inc. ( and board member of The Free Software Foundation .
    Brad De Graff of The Venture Collective (