How fast can orders be executed in the morning?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by J. Shi, May 7, 2009.

  1. J. Shi

    J. Shi

    Hey I'm thinking about refunding my TD Ameritrade account and start day trading. If any of you guys have day traded ETFs (such as FAS, SPY) in the early morning, such as 930ish, how fast do the orders get executed. I know many people suggest not to trade during the morning hours, but if any of you guys have traded liquid ETFs in the morning, can you please tell me about how long on average it took to fill your order and the size of your order?


    J. Shi
  2. sledged


    I use TD and have done up to 2000 share orders which I know arent big but they were executed on as soon as the market got to my order, pretty much instantly. Seemed acceptable for a retail brokerage account. Doesnt matter if you are trading ETF's or stocks.

    On a side note and this is not a knock on you but ur situation is what many people who feel this rally will continue have been mentioning. As people who "threw in the towel" see how fast some of these stocks have rallied back they feel they are missing out and a lot of the money that was sitting on the sidelines will start coming back in, even those people who said they would never invest in the market again wont be able to help themselves. Like I said this may not even be ur scenario but I can see it happening and contributing to this rallly lasting way longer than it really should.
  3. J. Shi

    J. Shi

    Hi sledged,

    Thank you for your reply. I will take your advice into consideration.
  4. There were times when SRS ran I got improved fills with TDA. Tell me though, do your charts go haywire like mine do? I'll change times from under a day to months and it'll read out nothing but a verticle line or I'll get a speck for the last trade out 5 hours beyond the time it actually is and refreshes often take minutes cache is clear and so is my java cache.
  5. I have put in a limit order, had it executed on the open, got confirmation, got the gap up or gap down I was looking for, placed an exit order, and the difference between the time stamps was 31 seconds. I trade at least in 1000k increments.
  6. As in 1 million? Is that shares or dollars?
  7. Your reading skills are appreciated. I know what I meant but it is not what I posted. I trade in 1000 share lots. I am a pensioner as well as a daytrader, so forgive my redundancy as a senior moment.