How far will the Euro fall if Greece goes into 'bankruptcy'?

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How far will the Euro fall?

  1. Nearly collapse, causing other countries to default

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  2. Over 50%

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  3. 20%-50%

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  4. Under 20%

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  1. What is your opinion...
  2. Shoulda had a choice for going up...
  3. Why, because you're European and socialistic?
  4. mate, dont let your emotions cloud the thinking.

    Chinese reckon eur will be up on repatriation of of euros and Merkel face at the end of china visit confirms her begging visit worked.
  5. zdreg


  6. Forget the default...the ECB will be most likely pumping 1 trillion euros at the end of the month.

    You must be crazy if you think the euro will be up after that
  7. All ready priced in.
  8. Not possible. The euro will not be above 1.3 in march after the ecb expands the balance sheet. Look at the dollar pre qe till now. Was it priced it then ?
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    Greece is over for now. Problem solved, with some haircuts and more debt.

    The bigger picture though remains the same in virtually all advanced nations/regions. There is way too much debt out there in most of Europe, the US and Japan. Between the deleveraging and the demographics, these areas will eventually "pay the piper". The question is just when, not if.

    But for now, the can has been kicked once again.
  10. what if chinese print yuan, and lend them to EU ?

    this will strengthen EUR and weaken yuan. 2 flies with 1 stone
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