how far down sp, if war happens in korea?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mahram, May 24, 2010.

  1. So far korea and thailand are in the brink of wars. skorea vs nkorea, and thailand a civil war. How far will the sp go down. Especially if china gets involved with the north, and you know they will supply weopens.
  2. spu go up
  3. If there is war between S. Korea and N. Korea and the US and China get involved...nobody will care what the SP looks like.

    That reminds me of Einstein's statement about World War 4. He said he couldn't tell you what weapons would be used in WW III, but he could tell you what weapons would be used in WW IV - sticks and stones!

  4. The market should fall on the expectation of war and rally upon the actual breakout of hostilities. :eek: :( :cool:

  5. it depends on how much lockheed martin stuff is being used to lead the hostilities.

    the S&P doesnt care much about wars in which we dont have a fair share of the killings and blood bath.

    yes, we profit from the devastation and annihilation of civilizations.

    isn't that great?