how far down do we go on the double-top?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by empee, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. empee


    tbh i just posted this to piss off al the ppl who whine about ppl becoming bearish on a down day, but really I think it is a 2top so how much do we retrace, dow 13000?
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    tomorrow we go down some more
  3. empee


    i think tommorow is gonna be a good rinsing .. big day down, actually thurs too. Hmm probably the whole week till we finish this.
  4. Err...tomorrow IS thursday. And Asia seems to be holding up so far.
  5. You must not be much of a technician.
    It's not a "double-top" unless the previous lows get taken out.
    ie.) 1487.41 SPX.
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    yes and waiting to enter until it does is optimal time to short.. right? Especially on indexes try backtesting it :)

    ack ur right i had a day missing, so thurs + friday should be REEEDDDD...
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    hopefully we can get a big volume on this monster down day to rinse out ppl, otherwise tommorow is worse.
  8. Looks on par. Heavy volume opening up and a lot of blood running...seems more is going into the red. We'll see if the selling lasts. Cheers.
  9. I regret covering 25% of my short....
  10. 10 handle rally in 20 minutes.
    Hope no one left their desk to go to the head, especially if you were short!
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