how far can monitor be away from the computer?

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    Could one use a "high quality cable" and place the monitor 20--30 feet away from the computer (and the other monitors). I would like to be able to sit in my recliner (in living room) and watch the emini charts on one monitor: then when things look interesting, go to main computer room for buy/sell action on the other monitors (sitting beside the computer) Appreciate any expert advice.
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    just get a laptop geeeze.

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    There are monitor extender cables which can give you another 6' or so at the risk of signal degredation.
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  5. Signal will degrade substantially with distance. If you want to spend a bit of money, there are better solutions than having a stiff VGA cable running across your house.
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    > This is what I was going to suggest.

    In fact I use these extenders with a matrix switch (by NTI too). It allows me to have access to up to 8 VGA sources (I have 3 computers, DISH network and DVD changer so far) from 4 monitors located in different rooms. All connected by CAT5. No video degradation on 1600x1200 monitors.
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    I know is a late reply, but at work we use products from we use the VKMEXT-100 to extend the Computer VGA display, Keyboard and Mouse for as long as 125' (125 foot) very successfully.

    I purchased 6 100' and 2 25’ cables and have been using them for over two years with great success (before we use CARBON COPY – I never liked Carbon Copy) now cost is reasonable and if you have a corporate account you may get a 25%+ discount.

    KVM switches are good BUT ARE VERY HEFTY PRICED, not to mention cumbersome. NTI as far as I know will give you your money back if you are not satisfied.

    I am planning to do the same for FOREX, have a swinging arm (to support my 24” LCD monitor Keyboard and Mouse) near my bed while I can place FOREX trades late at night without having to get-up to my office (I pull the swing arm towards me), after I place my trade and take my profits home, then I move the swing arm out of the way and go back to sleep.

    The NTI VKMEXT cables will suffice - Insure you get the right sex (Male to Female) so all you have to do is PLUG AND TRADE!
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    Another possible solution is a cheap PC or laptop running PC Everywhere or some other remote access software at your monitor on the back deck or where ever.
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