How far can EUR fall?

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  1. I'm in the EUO ETF, shorting the Euro. How far can the Euro fall before boogering up the ETF such that the price collapses? Where might trading be halted, and if trading is halted, what would happen to ETFs related to the currency?
  2. they'd close the markets before any of that happens.
  3. If Greece defaults, which I believe is a real possibility in the next 2 years, then Portugal and Spain may follow. This is a worst case situation but I think this would drive the Euro down another 30%.
  4. Min 1.15 but parity is possible.
  5. I'm not familiar with cases of FOREX being halted.
    That said, if EURO would collapse more than 5-10% stock market is likely to follow and that would trigger halt on the NYSE.
    BTW 1.15 is doable in 1 week from now IMNSHO
  6. Little birdie told me dollar index is in the process of forming a head and should pattern as the americans are gonna need another stimulus package or it's all ova.
  7. Before the multi-year rally in the Euro, it had been down to about .82 (?), if I recall. Could go there again.
  8. i doubt that stimulus might seriously affect dollar in this deflationary environment. Bottom line: next time the bird shows up - shoot it
  9. A similar swing in the quarter to prior swings would take it to about parity but the annual low was about 0.65 with main support at 0.7
  10. Little birdie says pattern is still intact. A rally up to 87.46 would make the right shoulder. A rally over the head means the SP500 breaks 1040, and whoa, 900 is a sure shot.
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