how far back does data go? any recommendations?

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    seriously want to purchase SOMETHING which has data on stocks (mainly US, indices) and market breadth indies (adv/dec, tick etc) as well as economic data charts , as in interest rates,bonds, gdp unemployment and the lot .

    Want to go back at least 100 years in each of the cases, if possible;does the sierra historical charts package go back this far? if not where else can i buy software for this?

  2. No, Sierra does not go back that far.

    You will most likely need to purchase the .csv files from another vendor if you want historical data. If I remember correctly CQG has an extensive historical data farm. I would start there first.

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    cqg i have been told,has fantastic charts. lol should add im not made of money and i don't suppose $600-700 would go far, but thanks .
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    cqg goes to 1987 :/ will check esignal
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    pfft esignal only goes 12 years