How extreme right wingers express themselves

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  1. How people take extreme examples and label whole groups based on them.

    Any thoughts?
  2. That's why I used the adjective "extreme" in front of "right wingers." So as to seperate them from all right wingers. By the way, I have voted for more Republicans than Democrats...
  3. We all remember when there was a display with Palin hanging from a noose and McCain engulfed in flames. The left wasn't crying then, were they?
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    Yes. And how does the lunatic left deal with those they disagree with? It's attack a reporter day!

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    This from the group that believes in letting people do/say what they want. First Amendment Rights!

    BTW, love the part in the video with the guy holding his daughter pushing and shoving along with the rest of the lemmings.
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    Q: How can you tell if a progressive is well hung?

    A: You can't get a finger between the rope and his neck.

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  7. and some more...
  8. I don't recall that, but I'll take your word for it and in the interest of being balanced - I'll say, yes, they are crackpots too.

    My concern is that the right wing nuts are more armed than the lefties....
  9. Protesting against the Universal Health Care proposal is apparently a protest against much, MUCH MORE!

    I have not read the 1187 pages of the bill (as have not most of those who will vote upon it and determine its fate.. and ours)...but from those who have there a MANY provisions which are Nazi-esq.

    In other words, the "healthcare plan" may be merely a "smoke screen in concept" to enable the government to crush more and more of our civil rights to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness".. :mad:
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