How Experienced Retail Traders Can Get More Than PDT Leverage

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  1. I recently started trading thru a hedgefund after E*Trade Professional(I talked of this in another thread). Some people PM'ed me asking if they could trade thru the hedgefund and I past on contact info for the fund to a few of those traders. (Disclaimer) They now are gonna give me a referral fee for each trader I refer to them that they decide to allow to trade thru the fund. They are looking for short term equity traders in order to keep their risk of traders blowing up low.

    What the trader gets:
    -no licenses required
    -trade remotely from home
    -20:1 leverage intraday
    -4:1 leverage overnight
    -90% to 95% payout
    -no software fee
    -no margin interest on overnight positions
    -they do charge you for openbook and data fees for the exchanges you want
    -if a trader loses more than they put up it comes out of investors funds, not from other traders

    What they are looking for:
    -min. $10k deposit
    -experienced trader (if you have never used level II before you are not experienced)
    -you are a net profitable trader (you know if you are or not)
    -trade a minimum of around 300k shares a month

    PM me if you are interested.
  2. Why don't you pay Baron for using his website to promote your shitty deal?

  3. Longhorns,

    I have to admit my post was close to, borderline advertising.

    But can you expand on or clarify for other people why you said this is a "sh**ty deal", specifically what about it you don't like? Your adjective choice tells us how you feel, but could you elaborate for us why you feel that way, and about what specifically you think is "sh**ty"?
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