How effing stupid can people get??

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  1. Do you really think some rapist is going to stop because
    you're parading around half naked like a bunch of wacko's
    calling yourselves sluts? Who the hell is blaming the way
    a girl dresses on rape? Nobody. And what the hell is
    "rape culture"? Seriously.

    SlutWalk NYC: Hundreds of women march in protest against sexual assault

    Clothes don't make the victim say the hundreds of women who marched - some topless, some wearing bras - in SlutWalk NYC to protest the blaming and shaming of rape victims Saturday.

  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Not to mention the fact that none of those hideous swamp donkeys i saw in the protest would ever have to worry about a man wanting to have sex with them, let alone rape them...... Id rather cut my own dick off with a rusty hacksaw then take down one of those harpies.

  3. Maverick74


    LOL. No seriously, tell us how you really feel.

    Honestly man, this comes back to the occupy Wall Street thing and quite frankly liberals in general. Protesting does not work. If anything, it pushes people away from your cause. At the end of the day, the left has used protests as a way to bring people together and grow their cause. It's not meant to actually stop anything. To be fair, the tea party protests do the same thing.
  4. pspr


    I guess there wasn't much going on in NY over the weekend. They all woke up and said to themselves, 'what can we do today? Let's go on an anti-rape march! We'll get some exercise and we'll think we are doing something good.'
  5. Eight


    Rape is far more about power than sex. Psychopaths that have a very hard time getting along with women [I knew one once] are extremely frustrated by them.. it would be better if they just hired a hooker.. [or we just manned up and put a bounty on psychopaths]

    Maybe the Left should be "organizing" and "demonstrating" for free hooker services for psychopaths.. hell yes, I'm going over to the nearest unmoderated leftist website.. what's that? They are all very heavily moderated? Damn, so much for free speech.. anyhow, I'll use Liberalspeak and forward the idea of free prostitution services for psychos... I love this culture where everybody pays for everybody else's needs.. what's that you say? The money ran out a couple of years ago and pretty soon noboby will be able to pay for anybody's needs including their own?? Wow....
  6. wildchild


    They ought to be protesting the democrats. Afterall, it was the democrats who brought us Al Gore and Bill Clinton, both accused rapists.
  7. pspr


    Good point.
  8. wildchild


    Hey Ak Forty Seven, can you find another President and Vice President duo who were both accused rapists?

    Their campaign slogan should been "Clinton/Gore: If one doesnt rape you, then the other will!".
  9. Or vote republican,they will rape your underage sons and daughters ..notice the majority of cases involves republicans sexually abusing underage boys and girls :(
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