How easily distracted are you?

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  1. Trading can be rather intense sometimes, but also lonely. I wanted to know, how you as a trader balance the two.

    for example:

    1. Do you listen to music while you trade?..if so what kind?

    2. If you have a wife or kids, do you get mad / annoyed if they watch you trade..ask you for help with homework..or something that takes your eye away from the market?

    3. If you dont have a wife or kids, do you keep chat rooms open to feel not so isolated?..

    4. Do you have pets that keep you company while trading?

    5. Do you bring a laptop to lunch and trade to be around other people?

    6. If you trade around other people in a prop firm, what are some things they do that distract you ?

    - nathan
  2. I could only get to #2 of your post before I was distr.....
  3. I don't pay much attention to the market anymore

    Listen to music, eat, jerk off, surf online, post on ET , listen to more music,

    When signal gets signalled, I get down to business.

    The beauty of automated signals.
  4. so much for the seriousness of this thread :(


    The thing is with you're too easily distracted.
  6. The only distraction for me is browsing online. I decided to embrace my distration, and it is not an issue anymore.
  7. "Oh my God! That dog has a puffy tail!
    [he chases it, giggling] Here, Puff! Here, Puff!"
  8. I'm a night owl, so I get up for the open, then do other stuff or go back to sleep, then monitor the last hour and the day's executions.
  9. I sit next to a guy who bangs (randomly and loudly) on his desk and yells at his screen in Russian. Needless to say, it frays the fuck out of my nerves and I left abruptly today and made clear that I would not return until I was relocated elsewhere in the office. The firm was very understanding and was happy to oblige.

    Thing is, I get that traders have tough personalities, I do - but I'm very concious of how I affect people around me and try to minimize any negative impact.

    But, I shouldn't be too worried as the person of whom I speak starts each day down between 3-5k and then spends the rest of the day averaging down out of his hole. Let's see how long that lasts.
  10. If he's that consistent you should fade him.
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