How domestic refiners, not OPEC, are responsible for the recent runup

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    Protecting Against the Next Energy Crisis

    To keep our society running, we need affordable electricity and gasoline. FTCR works hard to watch utilities, energy producers and oil companies in order to tell the public about the true costs of their energy and of government plans to bailout and help the industry. FTCR has exposed manipulation of the electricity and oil markets and challenges the industry and politicians who support it to provide consumers with reliable and affordable energy.

    Download San Diego KGTV's investigation into high gas prices. (66 bytes)

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    Read about how domestic refiners, not OPEC, are largely responsible for the recent runup at the pump:

    * Nat'l Public Radio on the closure of Shell's Bakersfield, California refinery
    * Rising gas prices look like California's electricity crisis
    * Gasoline Prices: a Case of Cheating, Not Competing
    * Refiner Manipulation is Source of High Gas Prices