How does USO compare to CL??

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by asd123, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. asd123


    Hello folks,
    I normally swing trade but decided to try my hand at daytrading a few months back. And what better contract to learn on then CL, right? Is USO a suitable substitute for CL. I trade CL with 15-20 cent stops. but I don't like taking $200 (1 contract)hits per trade when i'm learning a new product. I looked at QM, but don't like the tick size, and it tends to overreact when CL satrts going crazy. I finally got myself out of a nasty hole with CL and don't want to risk falling back in. I think CL, even 1 contract is too big for a newbie.
    What are the advantages/disadvantages in trading USO vs CL?
    How wide are the spreads in USO, does CL lead USO?. Do you need to monitor CL while trading USO? What is your overall experience with USO. Any feedback would be appreciated
  2. asd123


    well, got the AMEX feed ($1 with TS) and saw USO trade for myself. I guess i'm sticking to CL. END THREAD
  3. Surdo


    QM is tamer and has plenty of liquidity, just watch CL and enter your orders in QM. The tick size should not bug you out.

    I agree about avoiding USO!