How does trendtrade make its money?

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    I saw a commercial for this guy (seen it a few times, but never went to their website before) I thought maybe he might have some information I could put in my toolbox, but probably nothing that I dont already know. Then I notice he offers his book for free. I figure he is probably going to try to sell something to us later, but I couldnt figure out what. Then when reading the terms, I see that it says they "may" offer stock picks. Is this how they make money? They give away a free book, build a list of people, then push certain stocks on them (likely they are selling to you when they are promoting) Or are they being paid by other corporations to push stock on their website. Anyone know exactly what these guys business model is for making money, because they are obviously losing money on the books, yet they still have cash to consistantly advertise on TV.
  2. I believe they make a lot of money educating, and some on trading. I know of a guy whom took their "education several years ago and it was $$$ thousands of dollars for several days. Their book is a loss leader to suck new ppl. in. Parness made his bucks in the late 90's bull market and is riding his past rep.
  3. 99.9% of all the gurus you see and hear make all their money selling you cheese.

    get over it.

  4. That "Free" book is probably generating some cash flow for them.

    - Cost to print book and burn DVD = Ultra Cheap
    - Cost to ship media mail. Cheap.
    - only $6.95 to you for shipping and "Handling"

    Obviously the information content didn't cost them shit since it's worthless.