How does trading make money at all

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by luxhydrus, May 1, 2011.

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    How do individual traders (not affiliated with any corp. or investors) make money?

    Is it that they just have a large capital and live by making a profit percentage (example 10%) of it?

    Or do they have a small capital and attempt to double and triple it with trading?

    Or do they make money via another method?
  2. When I start making money I'll tell you :)
  3. Check journals section.There are a handful of the real deals.

    Lescor,Elec, cetera
  4. Making good money comes with good trading... period. Very easy once you get rolling. First, you gotta let go the greed in you. Second, stick to risk management. Third, get used to winning. In the mix you'll find all these indicators and other variables, but it doesn't make money for can help you set rules. Personally I set my monthly goal very low......I usually double-quadruple it at the end. This works much better than setting lofty goals that messes up you psyche...

  5. You have 2 choices--- start with a large amount of capital and learn as you lose hoping you learn enough while you still have enough left. OR do it the smart way by joining a prop firm who will provide you with the capitL and knowledge to make a go at it.
  6. 1) You have to have a mentality of "eating what you kill".
    2) There are no soup kitchens nor breadlines available in the market. :eek:
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    Yes, yes and yes.
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    Isn't that a good way, especially for a novice trader, to blow his account while using the large BP at his disposition with the prop firm ?