How does the classic quantitative investing method run?

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    i want to know how well the classic quantitative investing method run ,such as wavelet analasis, neural network, random process and so on.

    I mean these methods refer to many complated math formula and i doubt their effects, but i don;t use them until now, so now i want to get some advice about them from some quants who use them and know them well.

    Thank you very much.
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    nobody knows about these?
    for example, wavelet analysis, which is formed by many math formulas.
    Does it work well or not at investing field?

  3. these methods exist mainly because people are too lazy to get real data to do real analysis. much easier to get a price history series off of say yahoo finance and plug a few "advanced" (by american standards at least) but well known math functions and think you have an edge LOL.

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    Define your version of real analysis
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    Not. At least not that I've seen. Doing it in real time like a moving average is difficult to impossible, and real-time analysis is what you need for trading.
  6. I just gave you the answer. please R.E.A.D.

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    if "not", there are still many persons and corporations who spend much time on it and keep this study long time. I think maybe they have getten some good trick to do well in the investing field. so maybe we should consider it carefully.
    in addition, do you have viewed some tricks which are formed by wavelet analysis and so on, and if you do, shall i have the chance to view some expired one?

    "Real-time analysis" means day-trades only?
    i think we must forecast something, or decision will never been done. and "forecast" needs foundation and basis. then what is the foundation except history?
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    does anybody know about "Trading Systems and Methods".
    I hear that its author is a theorist.
    My question is that the person who does a few trades can guide others' trading well?