How does the Alert function work?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by deaddog, Nov 12, 2021.

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    Top right of my home page there is an alert button. If there is a reply to a thread that I am following or that I have posted to, a small red number show up to let me know if anyone has posted to a thread, if anyone has quoted me, if anyone has mentioned me or if anyone has decided to follow me.

    However every so often I will find a thread that I have posted to that has several responses posted that didn't show up as an alert. What causes an alert to be activated?
  2. userque


    Seems to be a glitch/bug.

    I always click the 'Followed Threads' button after I check alerts. Missed alerts will be there.
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  3. Overnight


    Well, it is based on the setting in your alert page...


    If you log into the website, click the alert tab, and then log out and back in again without clicking each alert, I believe the alerts will reset. So there by clicking the alert tab, the software assumes you have seen all the alerts, even if you never actually looked at that content.
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  4. Baron

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    If someone replies to a thread that you're following, you should get an alert notifying you of such. But the way the system works, you won't continue to get alerts of any other new posts in that thread until you've actually visited the thread again. It's done that way to keep the number of alerts from getting out of control. So whether one person has replied or 30 people have replied since your last visit to the thread, you'll only get one alert notifying you of new activity.