How does TD Ameritrade Advance Analyzer compare to other software programs ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by discrat, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. discrat


    Iam a client at TD Ameritrade and as a Apex member I get alot of good stuff free. One is its stock charting/screener service for free. (Advanced Analyzer)
    For regular members its like $20 month.

    Just wondering if I should look for other software that may be better, but where I would have to pay. Or is Advance Analyzer good enough where I should stick with it and pay no fee.
    So far I really find it beneficial but have never used other software like tc2000 or esignal
    Thanks for any insight !!
  2. discrat


    bump !! Thanks for any input
  3. advanced analyzer is decent.

    it's not very customizable, - it's relatively limited in its scope, but it has some nice little screens.

    considering i get it for free (apex as well), it's decent.
  4. Retief


    How do you know if the Advanced Analyzer will make you any money by following its stock selections as it does not have a backtesting feature? If it had a backtesting feature it would be much more valuable resource. As it is, it's of dubious value, which is probably why it's a freebie for Apex clients.
  5. IGolf


    I hear TDA is offerring something called Strategy Desk. Anyone hear about that?
  6. why be with td?..they charge 20.00 round trip. You can get cheaper elsewhere.