How does QuoteTracker work?

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    I have been using it for about 13 years. I use my broker for the Quote source, and IQ Feed for the index feeds. So I understand that
    I am connected to my broker and also IQ Feed when it is running. Otherwise, is it also connected to TD Ameritrade somehow, or Jerry Medveds personal wireless laptop when he is sitting on the shitter?
    There is talk of TD shutting it down in the future. Why would it not still work if the software is downloaded on my hard drive? Any help would be appreciated.
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    No one seems to know the longevity of QT. I spoke with TD Ameritrade today, and they couldn't tell me anything.
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    Still didn't answer my question.
  4. It has to be hosted on someones server for it to work. I also spoke with Ameritrade today and they keep telling me it will be there to use until it doesnt work any more and no more support after 2011....maybe. They said they just might have support next year it all depends on how many people use it so everyone call and tell them to keep it. I love QT, I use it everyday with no problems.
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    I suppose "when it doesn't work anymore" means when the data source changes its format, and the programs do not talk back and forth. A while back, MB Trading required two user names. One to connect with MB Trading, and a second one to connect with QT. That was new. It's stuff like that which would screw up the program. TD would have to make modifications. That is the million dollar question. Anybody know how many people used QT in its hayday, when still operated by the Medved gang? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Who knows?
  6. Its like this... QT has to communicate to:
    1) The data sources you select
    2) QuoteTracker (TD Ameritrade) servers for registration validation, be it paid registration or free auto-reg for TDA Clients

    Therefore, there are 2 different issues that could occur that would break things:
    1) If the datafeed you use changes something. Chances are that if it hasn't changed in the past year, it won't break in the next month :).

    2) If TDA takes down the QuoteTracker severs that manage the registrations. In this case, everyone's QT would become unregistered. Also, for people that use a brokerage account other than TDA, everything would stop working since those datafeeds require registration.

    Not much you can do about the first issue if it occurs. As for the registration, that is what the patch on the other thread addresses.
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    Well, I have a register copy, but they stopped billing me many moons ago. So lets say TD goes belly up, and the bank seizes their server. So no more server. But, I downloaded the patch. Will it still work? Or, it always has to have a server someplace? I know how to turn on a computer, and plug in wires and shit in the back, but that is about it.
    So forgive my ignorance. So if TD turns off the server, QT is gone? Patch or no patch?
  8. the patch eliminates issue #2. its basically always registered no matter what.
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    I started looking at Quotetracker in 1998. Today, I use it as my primary charting software and have used this great tool in developing all of my current entry /exit equity strategies. With the outlook of this product being pulled at the end of the year, it has exposed a major trading weakness (software reliance). What software are current Quotetracker users planning to switch to once it is no longer available? What software are the people at Medved Quotetracker recommending?

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    If the free brokerage data sources at some point become unusable, is it likely the paid sources like IQ feed or E-Trade feed could be used?
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