how does our military get people to talk?

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  1. U.S. troops reviewed the July 8 raid, which pointed to one individual: the fat man. He was big, but elusive. To capture him, they staged a series of raids — on Dec. 4, Dec. 5, Dec. 7 — with no luck.

    Then Friday, the man with the big belly was snatched with a group of former members of Saddam's regime in Baghdad. Hickey learned of the capture Saturday morning and had the man flown immediately to Tikrit.

    What followed was "a very, very lengthy and focused interrogation," Hickey said. The man, who Hickey said eventually became more cooperative, pointed to Adwar, a village about 10 miles south of Tikrit. There, Saddam was captured.
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    It is not that hard. You would laugh at some of the ways info is gotten out of people, without brutality or drugging I might add. The British and Americans developed ways during WW II that are really funny, and effective. The more modern stuff involves keeping a guy disoriented but it takes a little longer than ten hours usually.

    I knew a guy that was with a police department. If an arrestee was not talking nice to the interrogators he would dress up as a janitor, come in the room when the other cops were not there, sweep the floor, stop for a cigarette, maybe share a smoke with the guy and basically get the detainee to think he was a friend and would never rat him out. He told me a lot of them would be very frank with him, and he would promptly rat them out!

    Intelligence gathering starts with just background info on people, huge amounts of it, and skilled interrogators leverage that to get more "realtime" useful info as they go along. It is a real science and an art and it takes time. All these "when's Bush going to get it over with" goodie goodie whining agitating morons (I mean that in only the most proactive, positive way of course) just never will understand that, I hope they lose a lot of sleep over it.
  3. they beat them senseless till blood flows from every orifice :-/

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    " far you know." :)

  7. (from the CBS article)

    "...Former chief U.N. weapons inspector Rolf Ekeus told CBS Radio that he doubts Saddam is going to tell his interrogators much about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

    For one thing, Ekeus believes Iraq was relatively free of banned weapons before the war, although it had not given up ambitions to produce them..."


    How can any average American imbecile believe the WMDs are there when the fuckin' Chief Inspector doesn't think so!?!?

    Lies! Hail to the thief, baby!! Let him lie to you and plunder the Treasury...
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