How does one paper trade without software?

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  1. How does one paper trade without software?
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    Several ways, record end of day price for many days/years;
    & could look at the Investors Business Daily news paper , which will give you paper charts,daily.
    Also IBD [free for 10 days] has daily prices without charts,
    is thier free website, Chartfree

    Plenty of paper there also;
    and like
    Use plenty of charts, paper, end of day prices myself has free charts with 50 day moving average;
    but mainly plan on using lots of paper,
    years of paper,
    as first sentence mentioned.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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    Paper Trading Now Available

    Interactive Brokers is pleased to announce IB Papertrader, which will provide trade simulation functionality. Customers wishing to simulate their strategies before they trade can open a paper trading account from Account Management/Trading Access. Your paper trading account will have its own account number, username and password, and will be given the same real-time market data and trading permissions as your actual account. When you log into Trader Workstation with your paper trading username, your trading screen will clearly indicate you are trading in simulated mode to avoid any confusion. Your paper trading account may also be used to test any of your programmed Application Program Interface (API) applications. The beta version of the IB Papertrader, currently only available for US customers trading US products, is being rolled out. It will be fully functional on December 12, 2005. We are looking for feedback on the beta version of IB Papertrader, and encourage you to send an email to with your suggestions.