How does one donate money to israel?

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  1. Does anyone know? I was thinking about sending them some money, but there are alot of obvious fake websites up created by muslims to steal that money.

    This is a serious question.
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    You can send it to me. I'll forward it, I swear. :D
  3. Yeah, right. You will just throw it in your trading account, I'll take the other side of your trade and it will go back in my pocket anyway. :p
  4. Never heard of any fake websites run by Muslims that pretend to support Israeli national interests, post a few links and let us check them out out.
    You can donate to a wide variety of Kibbutz organizations or you could donate to the Jewish National Fund.
  5. Don't send money. Sign up to the Israeli Defense Force and you will be allowed to go out and legally kill terrorists.

    Action is better than money.
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    Do they need someone to push the nuclear missle buttons?

  7. Here is one of the fake sites. Look how bad the spelling is all over this site.
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    I tried to make a donation there but it wouldn't let me.
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    No offense a_person but them being tax-deductible is IMO insane.
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