How does one become a trader in a hedge or private equity fund ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by neveral0ne, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Isn't that where the big boys make the big money ?
    What type of experience I need, how do I become a trader in one of those multi million dollar funds where they make not thousands but minimum guaranteed 6 figures a year and with some bonuses up to 7 a year.

    MBA is a minimum I am assuming, but what else? What type of experience do you need to get in there? Networking is a must... but how would I go about starting a path to get there ?
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    nothing is required but a profitable track record. i know some places that just want to see some p&L statements
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    Can you tell me what those places are ? I am interested in learning about the places that require mostly some P&L statements.

    Thanks very much.
  4. If you are profitable, why do you join a hedge fund and make money for others?

    You can start your own hedge fund, a one-man hedge fund, you make money and keep all of it to yourself.

    If you are not profitable and get into a hedge fund for some reason, you will be kicked out soon, because nobody wants you to lose the clients' money.

    If you are profitable and want to join a hedge fund, you should become a partner in the firm and share the profits. After all, it is you who make the money for the firm. So the question remains: Can you make money?
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    Because as a one-man shop with no real track record and no real assets, he'd never get anyone to give him a dime of real money.