How does "Occupy Wall Street" effect the economy and the market?

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  1. In reading about the protests in New York, its basically about an anti-establishment crowd protesting the investment banks. Basically, they are protesting against the capitalist system and you have these politicians agreeing with them. So what if the protesters win, what next? Socialist policies? Maybe more restrictions on the banks? A 10% sur-tax on the "millionaires and billionaires"? Whatever results from these protests cant be good for the markets or the greater economy...
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    The media only spotlight collectivists because it furthers their socialist agenda. There's a huge contingent of pro-capitalist, anti-fed, anti-crony capitalism types at OWS who get zero coverage. Easy to get fooled if a person watches fox, cnn, cnbc all day...
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    Here is a quote from their "A Modest Call to Action on this September 17th"

    What economic effect can be from general strike?
  4. What if politicians take this seriously and then off-shoot some type of legislation? What legislation would it be? More regulatory anti-business legislation? Im thinking they will eventually push for a big tax on corporations and the millionaires...
  5. I hope it keeps growing and growing like a SNOWBALL.
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    think the obvious.
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    Me too. I dislike 95% of the posters on this site.
  8. I have been following this closely. I say there are a lot of grievance expressed by different background of protestors. But the core issue that add sustain force to it is that suddenly American people realized that America is not a democracy, it is rather a money-man's oligarchy, the Fed has defrauded American people trillions. The end game could be a revolution, peaceful or violent one.
  9. This is going nowhere.

    Look at Spain, where the protesters occupied for weeks the main square and had a functioning camp with showers, kitchens, etc. What became of it? Nothing.

    The only thing that could actually make these protests have some lasting effect would be that the police/government do something really, really stupid. Boston massacre? Ken State shootings? That kind of stuff.
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