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  1. I've been trading prop full time for a little over a year now ( currently about net even )and I feel like I've made great progress and most days I feel like I'm just about to turn the corner and start making a nice living from trading and then I have a few days in between that I feel like throwing in the towel and going to a corporate accounting job like the rest of my friends that graduated with me about a year and half ago did.

    I'm the kind of person that likes to give 100 percent attention and focus to anything I do so I can do my best at it, but I'm at a point now where I have to make up a big decision in my life. I've put so much focus into trying to make a living from trading that I'm almost broke.

    While I was in college I actively traded a personal account that I bleed to almost zero and once I graduated I took a non salaried prop trading position trading firm capital. I love trading so much that I cant re-gear myself into doing something else because I feel so close to being consistently profitable and I could just feel the joy that I could experience of making a living doing this yet I'm facing reality and almost broke and have to pay bills.

    Has anyone here been in similar situation?

    To those that turned a corner and make a living trading how does it feel?

    I've even given up my dating life because I feel like a bum with no income coming in

    Should I go take a nice vacation and get away from trading completely and then come back and start job hunting because if I'm truly addicted to trading and it keeps sucking me back with nice profitable up days and keeps stringing me along. Do you think I also should see a psychiatrist when I get back from vacation so he/she can help me re-gear myself into getting job and forgetting about trading for the time being?

    Thanks for any guidance

  2. what's the prop firm u have been workin' with. have u got a decent mentor followin' u along? i cant believe u are strugglin' so much if have been taught how to profitably scalp by a pro and are givin' 100%. somethin' is a miss here...u either left on your own tradin' with a churn shop not interested in trainin' u properly or have psychological issues u are unable to overcome.
  3. I was exactly where you are now right when I turned the corner. It was like clockwork. I had no money left and I knew I was so close but couldnt prove it. All of a sudden like a giant lightbulb went off, I understood what to do and started making good money. I cant really explain how or what caused it (possibly the dreaded reality of having to get a corporate job if I failed). But it was a good feeling that I kicked it into gear at just the right time.
  4. Bitstream,

    I have a mentor that is a very consistently profitable and great trader that has been trading for over ten years, but he isn't the easiest person to talk to. When I first started I used to ask him simple questions and he would always seem edgy, I never had a really good relationship with him in the begining, recently I've been talking to him more.
  5. that may be the problem, traders are very difficult to work with nevermind havin' any kinda relation. try to be patient and squeeze out of him everythin' u can, a profitable mentor can be a goldmine and i dont think hes that happy to give away his edge but still, he was taught as well so if he's treatin' u as he shouldnt tell him to naf off and complain to the management..u may get a more understandin' and helpful fella.

    best of luck and dont give up, it's just a matter of time...u are in the best environment to have a decent shot at it imo.
  6. Steve,

    I feel like I need to stop overthinking my trades so much. I was trading NYX, ICE, NMX, and X on friday and in my mind I know what trades to take, but I can't get over my hesitation.
  7. Not to crash your thread, but all my new traders used to get a "DO NOT TRADE" list everyday. The high vol stocks you mentioned would most certainly have been on that list. Nevermind the added volitility due to the NMX ipo on fri.

    Though I do not know you, it's sounds like perhaps you have the "adrenaline junkie" personality. The need for excitement is real, many traders have it. But you must figure out at some point if the adrenaline is more important than making a living off less "exciting" stocks.

    If I am off base...just forget my post and good luck in your soul searching.
  8. Bitstream,

    In the begining, by the way he would reply to my questions I thought I was irritating him with my newbie questions, so I figured I would earn his respect by proving that I had what it took to be a trader and I wasn't going to fade away like alot of others he mentored. I have some screen time under my belt now and I've been having better conversations with him lately and he seems like he gives me a more respect cause I'm still here grinding away.

    I'm debt free now and dont want to feel like a loser and ask family for money. I thought about getting a evening job, but I dont know if that would just delay and make my chance of entering the corporate world even harder
  9. Oldschool,

    In the beginning I traded very conservatively with small lots. I've displayed my patientance and discipline in my trading so my mentor doesn't give me restrictions on what I can trade.

    I wouldn't say I'm an "adrenaline junkie" I currently dont hold overnights (my mentor and others in my group do) but some of my positions are held for most of the day and other times I'm scalping volatile stocks.
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