How does huge evacuation impact trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NoMoreOptions, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. nkhoi


    american concern about evacuation in China, not. Only time we show concern is when they stop serving dim sum.
  2. probably all wal-mart "employees"

  3. American markets usually don't pay any attention to overseas events. Unless the market is tanking and then the media will usually blame whatever event is more prominent.
  4. Huh - you mention an "evacuation" to most Americans, most of whom don't even watch the nightly news on TV (let alone actually read anything), they'll probably think you meant an intestinal condition that follows eating too many White Castle hamburgers.

  5. Lucrum


    I agree with the other guys.
    150K people is only 1% of the cities population(1/100% of countries population) I doubt it's going to effect any markets any further away than maybe Hong Kong.
  6. Why would you even assume there would be any broad US market impact of a Chinese chemical plant leak?

    That Bopol chem leak years ago was bigger and didn't affect the US market (except for the chemical company involved).

    The Chinese incident didn't even involve a US company.

    Was there somethinig I missed in the info about the incident that made you think it might affect any markets (outside China)?
  7. Cheese


    Reference China "How does huge evacuation impact trading?" .. for USA markets.

    Don't amount to diddly squat.
  8. You are paranoid, aren't you? You don't read. You don't understand. Did I ask how this instance of evacuation in China affects USA markets? Did I say USA markets at all? Did I mention when market opens on Monday?

    Read again, People! Don't pass on misunderstanding one to and another. Look at all the replies.

    If it is my problem that I didn't state my points clearly, let me explain again. I just want to know for precautions what if evacuations in this kind of magnitude happen (in USA), how it affects trading. I want you to layout initial and subsequent market reactions and possible outcome.